J.J. Abrams Superman Part 4: Ext. Infinity: Timeless

• May 28th, 2015

Well, we finally reached the end of it, and trust us when we tell you that the wackyness is yet to come.

That's right, at long last we reach the end of our J.J. Abrams odyssey and you will not believe the nonsense that you are about to be assaulted by.


Also, check this out.

Looks like Summer Movie League has officially become Fantasy Movie League.
It looks quite fun. Here's how it works.
You have an 8 screen theater.
Every week you pick movies and have a budget/salary cap you have to stay under.
Then you compete against other theaters in your league.
It's fantasy football for movie people.

Our league is Film Thugs 2015 and the password is Porterhouse.

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J.J. Abram’s Superman Part 3: Ty-Zor Stiffens

• May 18th, 2015

Part three of the Abrams script and finally, after almost 100 pages... conflict emerges!


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Episode 18: Honesty is the best policy… unless nobody asked for your opinion. AKA: Honestly, you’re an asshole.

• May 17th, 2015

Everyone is entitled to their opinion is different from everyone is entitled to MY opinion.

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Episode 17: I love you very much, as long as you do exactly what I say.

• May 16th, 2015

Here's the thing. Since moving to the house I've become incredibly lazy. You see, in my old apartment the office/computer room was right next to my bedroom and about 10 feet from my living room. Now that I've moved it's upstairs and my bedroom/living are both downstairs. That means in order to launch an episode of anything I have to schlep up a flight of stairs.
That's an almost negligible amount of effort, you say? Well... you're not wrong. However, that minimal amount of effort has been enough resistance for me to avoid releasing shows.
Well, from now on I am going to try and force myself to do this more regularly.

What does that mean?

Have no fear! After a protracted absence The Life Masters are back!!!


That's right, more life coaching from The Film Thugs!!!

This week we deal with a very conditional type of familial love and how to deal with it.

Oh, and check us out on twitter @thelifemasters, on Facebook, email us at thelifemasters@gmail.com, or call us at either 512-666-RANT, or The_Film_Thugs on Skype.

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J.J. Abram’s Superman Part 2: Kryptonian Bong

• May 11th, 2015

This week we continue our reading of J.J. Abram's unproduced Superman script, and as is often the case with sequels... shit just gets wackier. It's.... It's just....

Just... Jesus. Listen and be brain punched with nonsense.

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